Monday, August 18, 2008

The Case 4 Txting

Out of the mouths of babes --

l: heyy ya kno wat i just did??
o: Ahh wat????
l: kk so i just signed up so that obama will txt me wen he chooses his vice pres and ill b 1 of the 1st 2 kno!
l: kk txt VP to 62262 (which spells obama) heyy isnt he the coolest?! most boring ppl wud announce that on tv...but obama txts ppl!! o btw this is free
o: hes SO winning
l: yaa deff heyy did u do it??
o: No not yet..hold ur horses
l: tee hee
o: K i just did it hehe
l: yayyyy we're sooo cool
o: i know i feel special!
l: yuppppp ahhh i wonder who its gonna b
o: I want clinton!
l: omg that wud b AMAZING like a dream come true
o: Haha! it actually wud, like first black man and first woman!
l: uggg that wud b awsome
o: I love how we r talkin bout politics...hehe
l: hehe

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