Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Una Mesa and Open Source

Eureka! An example of a public health movement engaged in the open source movement, Una Mesa. Explore -- however, to save you a click, here are the essentials:

Open source software plays a key role in the research and development of better social services
  • UnaMesa works with communities to develop tools that serve their needs
  • Requires the ability to share and build upon each other's work (Open Source)

How UnaMesa supports Open Source developers

  • Developer community sites - TiddlyWiki.org, SharedRecords.org
  • Purchase code / support on behalf of the community (How do OS programmers eat) (e.g. Eric Shulman's support of TiddlyWiki community)
  • Public Trust - Holds copyright on behalf of the community (Allows integration with any projects that provide social benefit regardless of which open-source license they use.
  • Support for localization

How UnaMesa supports social organizations that use Open Source

  • Provides software tools and services for free to social enterprises (e.g. SharedRecords.org)
  • Demonstrates how technology is used in real life situations (e.g. TiddlyWiki in education, SharedRecords in clincs)
  • Provides training and support for users (UnaMesa Academy)

How UnaMesa supports businesses that work with Open Source

  • Provides a neutral, trusted intermediary to protect the interests of both the community and the corporate participants (e.g. TiddlyWiki and BT Osmosoft)
  • Negotiate on behalf of the community to establish appropriate licenses and contracts for corporate contributions of code
  • Accepts contributions from corporations and ensures that they go directly to supporting the developer community (e.g. support of Martin)

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